Thursday, February 12, 2009

Zaranyzerak Plays Dead Space - Part 15 HD

Chapter 6 - Part 1

Into the Hydroponics level we go... After fighting a swarm of Necromorphs, and a rather amusing slip of the tongue, things get creepy again and we meet some dudes with the worst cases of asthma we've ever seen...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Zaranyzerak Plays Dead Space - Part 14 HD

Chapter 5 - Part 2

Pure intimidation as Annetta and I dread running into "Mr. Indestructible" around every corner...

And trying to redeem my "lameness" from the previous episode, I show a couple of tricks I know that help with the more crazy parts in Chapter 5 (what many people consider one of the hardest Chapters of the game).

Zaranyzerak Plays Dead Space - Part 13 HD

Chapter 5 - Part 1

At long last, here it is! We head back to the medical deck, and tackle one of the toughest beasties in the whole dang game... Yet it seems the EASIEST beasties are the ones that give me the most trouble...go figure.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Barney Miller and More Nikita

Here's the latter half of my latest DVD update.

DVDs discussed in this edition:

Barney Miller - Complete First Season
La Femme Nikita - Complete Second Season

Sex and the City and Fantastic Flesh

Wow, update time already? Guess so! First off, here's a couple that Annetta grabbed for her collection. Tomorrow, we'll take a look at what I got!

DVDs and Blu-rays discussed in this edition:

Sex and The City: The Movie - Extended Edition (Blu-ray)
Fantastic Flesh (DVD)