Friday, June 20, 2008

Why Recording Your Classes Can Be Bad

I reveal one of my more eccentric quirks from when I was a teenager, and how it got me in trouble in my English class one day...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DVD Collection Update - British Sci-Fi

Wow, is it update time ALREADY??? Yep! This time around it's all about 70's British Sci-Fi!

DVDs discussed in this edition:

Tomorrow People - Set 3
Doctor Who - Inferno
Doctor Who - The Time Warrior
Doctor Who - Robot
Doctor Who - The Ark in Space
Doctor Who - The Sontaran Experiment
Doctor Who - Genesis of the Daleks
Doctor Who - Planet of Evil

I also show off my very first BluRay movie! And the TARDIS puts in an appearance, in classic "Materialisation" style. ;)

French Teachers

We've all had psychotic or just plain WEIRD teachers in our lifetimes. This time around, Cass and I talk about some of the ones we had...specifically from our French classes.


Little kids find the strangest things amusing. Here are a couple of things that Cass found gut-bustingly funny in his younger years.

Dinner, Doctor Who and Trains

I reveal the deep secret of what we had for dinner, we briefly discuss Doctor Who, and a train runs through my living room. Well, almost.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Daft Hands Wannabes

Cass and I discuss the internet hit video "Daft Hands" and some of the better parodies of it we've seen. Cass also corrects my pronunciation of "Kanye West."

Two Guys and An Effects Box - Secret of the Pyramid

Go to my YouTube page for a link to the stereo sound version (sounds MUCH better in stereo).

I am both pleased and saddened to present to you all that was ever completed for the Two Guys and An Effects Box web series, "Secret of the Pyramid."

Be sure to watch the stereo version, I put a lot into the sound for this one.

In total this video represents nearly two months' work (editing, music composition, 3D animation creation/rendering, frame-by-frame motion control, compositing, etc.), originally made around the same time Super Mega Transform was featured (July 2007) and intended to "ride the momentum" of the featured video and catapult the Two Guys project to international fame and fortune.

For reasons which would take far to long to go into now, the project has been shelved indefinitely. So, I thought as a special treat for everyone I'd show you what little was done, since it looks like this won't be finished any time soon (if ever).

Note to everyone commenting on the "slow pacing." Please bear in mind, that all of the footage contained in this video was not necessarily intended to appear all in one go in the final, finished product. This is NOT just one scene. It is a collection of footage that would have been spread out across the majority of the series. Some of it was foreshadowing events to come, some was simply "establishing shots." Because it's ALL that was completed, that's ALL you see in this video. Shown as one massive scene, of course it's slow. Not much happens. But it was integral to the plot, and would have been presented in the proper context if the series had been finished. So please, take this for what it is. It's a GLIMPSE, nothing more. It's taking everything that was completed and throwing it together into a compilation in an order which gives it some semblance of a proper visual "flow." The full story was MASSIVE and what you see here was but a tiny, tiny part of it.


You're Too Stupid To Live

Cass and I continue our discussion of the sharp dropping of the collective I.Q.'s of our species.

You're Too Stupid To Be On The Internet

I share one of my pet peeves with Cass - people who are too stupid to be using the internet.

Nightmare Staring Contest

Cass and I briefly reminisce about a game session of "Nightmare: The Video Board Game."

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fan Films and Numa Numa

Cass and I discuss some of our favorite fan films and I address the fact that people keep saying I look like the Numa Numa Guy. Well, I'm not him.

Stereo Sound Deliciousness

Just a quick blog today, to let everyone know about a bit of coolness regarding the audio of my new (and many of my old) videos.

The links referred to in the video are only available via my YouTube page, where this video was originally posted.

A Wall Has Come Between Us

Cass and I establish that a wall has come between us, I show him some of my new DVDs, Annetta goes insane for no apparent reason then disses Gary Gygax.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Calling all C.O.P.S. Fans! C.O.P.S. on DVD!

A couple of years ago we were treated to the first 22 episodes of the kick-butt 80's cartoon "C.O.P.S." (aka "CyberCOPS") on DVD.


What happened? Where's the rest of it? Did YOU even KNOW that there was a DVD release in the first place? And is there anything YOU can do to help get the rest of the episodes released on DVD? The simple answer is...YES! Watch and learn...

Visit my YouTube page (go to the description for this video) for links to the petition and Shout Factory forum.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Muffins and Coffee

At long last, the action-packed premiere of Series 2 Visits with Cass!

In this thrilling season premiere, I stuff my face with muffins, we discuss the rising price of coffee and a possible conspiracy involving the correlation between caffeine and nicotine addiction.

New DVDs - Murder Mysteries and 80s Cartoons

The DVD Collection continues to grow without any sign of slowing down! This time around, a couple of items I forgot to mention from Annetta's collection, and the latest additions to my 80's Cartoon library.

DVDs discussed in this video:

Murder on the Orient Express (with Alfred Molina and Peter Strauss)
Murder One - Season 1

Defenders of the Earth - Complete Series
C.O.P.S. (aka Cyber COPS) - Volume 1
Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers - Volume 1

Cass Tells a Story

My brother has such a way with words. Sit back and enjoy this riveting tale he told me one evening.

DVD Rant - Dark Shadows Revival

Yep, it's rant time again.

The 1991 "revival" version of Dark Shadows was awesome. Too bad the DVD release wasn't. Let us count the ways in which it sucked...

Features a substantial rant about how a lot of old TV shows are being ruined by being given the widescreen treatment.